Re: Video Server for Tower Cameras

Michael WT9V


Michael, WT9V
On 1/6/20 8:41 PM, Andrew Koenig wrote:


One of the pending RWK projects is to install some webcams up on our main repeater site, and possibly other RWK sites as well. With other groups, I have already installed several cameras, including at 1500' on the Rosston tower out past Valley View. These are always fun to watch during storms.

Here's a link to the server. It will include the RWK cameras when we get those on the air.
user: rwk
pass: K5RWKK5RWK

The server may be rebooted a few times as I get it into the final location in the rack, but this should be fairly reliable.

Ubiquiti does have an app to view this from your phone, but it's quite buggy and falls into the "use at your own risk" category.

73 de KE5GDB

Andrew Koenig

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