Re: Fox U "Wheatley" is in the wild, 433.50 MHz #foxhunt

Katherine Forson - KT5KMF

Successful hunters this week were:

Bob and Gayle Hill   KG5WRY
Berl Driskill   W5ICX
Richard Jennings   N5PMU
Don Griffin   WS5L
Mimi Siminiuk   K5MMI
Danny Siminiuk   K5CG
Bob Romans   KI5GRN
Jay Pinkerton   KE5FMS
Chip Coker   KD4C
Buddy Shipley   KF5LJD
John Slaughter   WB5HSI
Phyllis Slaughter   KA5RJX

Congratulations to everyone who found Wheatley! He was hidden behind Diamond Data Systems at Spectrum and Talon, in the office park just northeast of Renner and Shiloh. And yes, he was inside the city limits of Richardson... We checked!

Katherine KT5KMF
Driver K5WFR

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 6:40 PM Katherine Forson - KT5KMF via <> wrote:
1 watt output, talking on a 3 minute cycle, 433.50 MHz.

Vehicle accessible, within the Richardson city limits.

Scan the QR code or go to the URL on the tag to make a log entry.

Good luck!

Katherine KT5KMF
Driver K5WFR

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