Fox #1 will be out for the hunt soon. 144.5MHz #foxhunt

Chip Coker KD4C

Congrats to this week’s successful hunters:

N5PMU Richard Jennings
W5ICX Berl Driskill
KI5GRN Bob Romans
WS5L Don Griffin
KF5LJD Buddy Shipley
KT5KMF Katherine Forson
K5WFR Rob Forson
WB5HSI John Slaughter
KG5WRY Bob Hill
KI5FTR Paul Kocurek (and 9 yo daughter)

Special welcome to first time hunter Paul!

The fox was on a dead-end just south of belt-line and just east of 75, and just across the tracks from RISD HQ. 

(Notice the passing DART train!)

I’m always interested if you hunted and didn’t find. I put the fox a little lower this week to keep the range down a bit. 

Until next week...

Chip KD4C

On Jun 7, 2020, at 1:47 PM, Chip Coker <chip@...> wrote:

You’ve got a few more hours to go hunt the foxes.  I just found Wheatley (oh, the reflections…) and Fox#1 seems to be going strong with a new battery.  As I was told a few minutes ago, “It’s a great day to hunt”


73 KD4C




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Subject: [k5rwk] Fox #1 will be out for the hunt soon. 144.5MHz #foxhunt


Summer is here and we’ll have a great weekend for hunting.  The fox will be awaiting your arrival! 


As usual, it’s in the city of Richardson. Vehicle accessible but won’t be easy to spot.


Just use your smart phone and shoot the QR code on the front of the Fox with your camera to go to the online fox hunt log. If you can’t get the QR code to work, type in the coded URL just under the code from any phone or computer.


Happy hunting!




- Chip KD4C