Fox U "Wheatley" is in the wild, 433.50 MHz #foxhunt

Katherine Forson - KT5KMF

1 Watt output, talking on a 3 minute cycle, 433.50 MHz.

Vehicle accessible, within the Richardson city limits.

Scan the QR code or go to the URL on the tag to make a log entry.

The log entry form includes the same questions as last week for those that didn't get a chance to hunt. If you already answered last week, feel free to skip them, but if you didn't, we would appreciate it if you took the time to answer them.

Good luck!

Katherine KT5KMF
Driver K5WFR

Danny K5CG

Successful hunters this weekend:

Bob Hill KG5WRY
Richard Jennings N5PMU
Berl Driskill W5ICX
Gi Vania N9ZSE
Bryan Davies N5BRD
Bob Romans KI5GRN
Danny Siminiuk K5CG
Mimi Siminiuk K5MMI

Thanks for playing!