Gear for sale #forsale


I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I have some equipment I'm selling.

1. Yaesu FL-2100B HF Linear Amplifier. $450. In good condition with original Cetron 572B tubes. Puts out 450-500 watts, currently wired for 120V. Some internal upgrades performed (Harbach HV kit, plate doorknob cap, parasitic suppressors, modern universal voltage cooling fans) and intact bandswitch. With new tubes and some new caps in the input section this amp can really shine for another 40 years. Only flaw is that T/R relay needs cleaning. Can demonstrate operation in person by request.

2. TYT MD380 UHF DMR Radio. $80. Works 100%. Has KD4Z firmware installed but can be flashed back to factory with ease. All original parts included except original box. 

If interested, you can email me at recstudio@...
Thanks and 73,
John K5JCJ