SKYWARN training

Don Klick - KG5CK

For those who don't already know, National Weather Service offers free Skywarn training every year. Many of our members participate in ARES and/or RACES. These people offer ground truth to the National Weather Service during severe weather events. If you haven't attended one of these training, I would highly encourage you to do so. I will be attending for the 3rd year in a row in 2020, and I always come away learning something new.

Dallas County is offering their class on Saturday, Feb 15th. This is the 3rd Saturday though, and would conflict with those who wish to participate in the RWK monthly breakfast at Southern Recipe. This brings me to the reason I decided to post this in the RWK Collin County is having their Skywarn training this coming up Saturday 1/18. I've put links to the Collin County Skywarn schedule and presenter bios, as well as the full Skywarn training date/location list from the NWS Fort Worth office. Hope to see some of you around one of these!

Collin County SKYWARN schedule and speaker bios

NWS Fort Worth Skywarn Classes