Update: Yet another BUILD! Arduino Atomic Clock class announded #class

Brady Pamplin

When RWK decided to start a BUILD! series, we called it a proof-of-concept. It filled so quickly that I offered another as a free class using my parts at Dallas Makerspace. We spread the word to RWK and that class filled in 18 hours. I announded a third class and it filled in less than two days. For anyone who missed out, I just submitted another class for January 16 which will show up on the DMS Event Calendar and be open for registration this Thursday at 7:50pm.

Thank you for your wide support on this venture. I'm ready to drop the proof-of-concept label and encourage our officers to offer an interesting BUILD! class on a regular basis. Please forward any suggestions to them.

Thanks also to Mike Jahrig KG5P for taking the lead to get this started and will now be working with me to keep everyone on track during classes.

Status of Arduino classes at Dallas Makerspace on Event Calendar

Brady Pamplin W5LH